Donations: UK

Thank you for you interest in supporting the ministry of Making Disciples International and Jan Whitmore and Mintie Nel. There are facilities in the UK, South Africa and the USA to receive your donation.

This page refers to UK donations for both the MDI ministry and Jan Whitmore and Mintie Nel's personal ministry costs.

Jan Whitmore and Mintie Nel raise support both for the needs of the missionaries they serve, and for their own ministry costs... like ministry travel. For this purpose they have a joint Natwest bank account to receive donations. Jan Whitmore and Mintie Nel aslo have individual Stewardship accounts through which only UK taxpayers can channel donations towards their living and personal ministry costs. MDI-specific gifts cannot be processed through these accounts. Making Disciples International is a faith mission - Jan and Mintie do not receive a salary - they trust God to supply their needs. 

Giving opportunities are as follows:

1. Joint Natwest Account for MDI-specific donations and personal ministry costs:

Email [email protected] for details

 2. Stewardship Accounts only for Jan Whitmore or Mintie Nel's personal living and ministry costs:

Janice Whitmore and Mintie Nel have individual  accounts with Stewardship because they are fulltime Christian workers with the recognised Christian ministry organisation Making Disciples International. Their accounts are set up only to receive gifts for personal living and ministry costs,  Stewardship is able to reclaim tax on gifts fulfilling that criteria, increasing a gift by 25% approx.  -

Their Stewardship accounts are as follows:

Mrs Janice Whitmore Personal Stewardship Account: 20029291;

Miss W E Mintie Nel Personal Stewardship Account: 20031608

NB Donations specifically given to benefit the missionaries MDI serves, cannot be processed through these Stewardship accounts - these type of donations should be made by PayPal,  or directly into the above- mentioned bank account, or by sending a cheque payable to Mrs Janice E Whitmore or Miss W E (Mintie) Nel to the above address.

4. PayPal

Click on the button and input the amount you wish to donate.

However you make your donation ..... thank you ... God is glorified!

Please email [email protected] if you require any further information.