Discipleship Studies - Reuven & Yanit Ross

Reuven & Yanit Ross write:

"During His days of public ministry on the earth, Jesus preached the gospel to multitudes of people, however He spend the bulk of His ministry time with just twelve men. These disciples of Jesus received the full explanation of His teachings and the benefit of personal friendship with Him. He taught them the Scriptures, mentored them in ministry, and modeled before them the character of the Father. The Lord's ordained method for preparing ministries was then and continues to be the personal investing of one's life into that of another.

In the Body of Messiah today we have scores of talented and gifted people, but we are limited when it comes to seasoned men and women who model the nature and lifestyle of the Lord Jesus. One of the greatest deficits in the Body of Messiah worldwide is mature godly character. Many believers today still need to be taught how to know the Lord more personally, pray effectively, and study the Scriptures with the ability to apply God's Word to their lives.

Intentional Impartation

If there is a shortcut to maturity in the Kingdom of God, it is when mature godly leaders purposefully seek to impart these principles of discipleship to teachable men and women who want to grow in the Lord. Although relating to others from a distance may seem easier and be less demanding personally and emotionally, we must get alongside believers to be really effective in bringing sons and daughters into spiritual maturity. We must be willing to not only give them the gospel of God, but also to impart our own lives to them. (1 Thessalonians 2:8) That is true discipleship!"

Reuven and Yanit Ross are authors of the following discipleship study materials:

  • Go and Make Disciples
  • The Making of Disciple
  • The Lifestyle of a Disciple
  • Relating to an Awesome God
  • Flying Solo
  • Fashioned for Glory

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