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We wish you all a very happy Christmas and pray that 2018 will be a year of great promise. The international scene is changing fast and we would be wise to enter the New Year with our Bibles open, confident of God fulfilling His Word in and through world events. Encourage one another to stand strong together and be faithful to God’s Word – reading, cherishing and studying it regularly. Exhort one another to be filled with the Holy Spirit every day, choosing acts of faith, love and service over unbelief, self-absorption and spiritual laziness.

Making Disciples International (UK), led in the UK by Jan Whitmore (nee Rowland) and Mintie Nel, is a ministry of discipleship and encouragement. Being a Christian is so much more than just "being saved", it is an ongoing interactive life-adventure, coming to know and love God through obedience to His Word, walking in the Spirit and allowing God to effect inner-transformation. True believers are loyal and obedient disciples of Jesus Christ - covenant-keepers, transformed into His wonderful likeness and called to "go and make disciples of all nations".

Jan xMintie 1Trained as pastors of Christian workers, and with 24 + years of ministry experience, they disciple, teach and train in association with Making Disciples International (USA) under the leadership of Pastors Reuven and Yanit Ross. Much of their ministry is now carried out from home in the UK, leadng discipleship groups, debriefing Christian workers and providing a short-term place of retreat and replenishment in the self-contained annex of their beautiful home. However, once or twice a year, they still launch out to bring encouragement and support to Christian workers in Israel and occasionally carry out vital pastoral mission-field visits in Europe.

Jan & Mintie have authored two discipleship books: "Sow What?" and "Face to Face with God - Biblical Meditation". They are both trained in debriefing and Jan Whitmore is a consultant of DISC - Sharpening Your people Skills.

Personal & Group Devotional Studies by Jan Whitmore & Mintie Nel   

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* Sow What? 

* Face to Face with God - Biblical Meditation 



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