Donations to Making Disciples International (UK)

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Donations: UK

Mrs J E Whitmore / Miss W E Nel

NATWEST: Sort Code 54 41 54

Account Number 54123720

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Donations: USA

USA donations that require a tax deductible receipt can be made through Monroe Center Community Church. Donations not requiring a tax deductible receipt can be made direct into the Wells Fargo bank account (details below).


Donations by check requiring a tax deductible receipt:

Checks payable:  “Monroe Community Church”

Mail to: Monroe Community Church ATTN: Jeani Alexander

 PO Box 236, Monroe Center, IL 61052

Please note: 501 (C) 3 organizations other than churches, are required by the IRS to receipt every donation as it comes in. Churches are allowed by the IRS to send a receipt annually showing the full amount of donations for that year. So when you begin donating through the church, you will receive an annual accounting of your donations.

Donations which do not require a tax deductible receipt please deposit direct into Wells Fargo Bank as follows:

Wilhelmina Elizabeth Nel / Janice Elizabeth Whitmore

Wells Fargo  Checking account: 1010037936000

Routing Number (RTN): 053207766

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Donations: South Africa

All donations should be made through the bank account of Miss Wilhelmina (Mintie) Nel by direct deposit. This can be done by internet transfer or by depositing a cheque payable "Miss W E Nel" at a Standard Bank.

Bank details:

W E Nel

Standard Bank, Hatfield, Pretoria.

Sort Code: 011545

Account No: 01193600 2

When you have made your donation please email Mintie Nel to let her know: Email: [email protected]