Jan Whitmore writes: "It took me a while to realise that the Holy Spirit’s disciplined and orderly method of teaching would mean committing to more than a quick skim of the Bible, flitting over passages like a butterfly. He had prepared a discipleship training programme aimed at assimilating kingdom truth into the fabric of my life. I was to experience the rich, life-changing realities of truth contained in this parable; the days of just “head knowledge” were well and truly over! I slowly moved from knowing I could be transformed to being transformed, and it wasn’t without cost. I had to reckon with not only reprioritising and reordering my life to give time for God to plant His seed into my heart, I had to be prepared to face the reality of contaminated soil that hindered, and in some cases forbade, the growth I longed for. It was surely worth the high price to discover the sheer joy and liberty that accompanied purity of heart. My infectious excitement rubbed off on all with whom I fellowshipped, and now I offer to you some of what I have learned."

Discipleship is learning through the application of truth. We are to be transformed by the renewing of our minds to Christ's. 

Personal & Group Devotional Studies by Jan Whitmore & Mintie Nel   

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Sow What? 

Face to Face with God - Biblical Meditation 

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